1. What is one advantage to owning a motorcycle?

Motorcycles cause less harm to the environment. Riding a motorcycle means giving less fuel emissions, which in turn means you’re actually doing Mother Earth a huge favor. It’s probably time to let go and say goodbye to that car that only gives you a reason to cause some sort of detriment to the environment.

2. My helmet is becoming boring. What can I do with it?

You can actually turn your helmet into a sound system using a Headwave Tag. The Headwave uses your lid’s shell as a soundboard, creating true surround sound while you ride. With an internal battery, Bluetooth connectivity, and one-button operation, the Headwave is easy to use. Priced at $332 at current exchange rates, the Headwave is designed and constructed in Germany.

3. How can I improve the performance of my brake?

You can improve brake feel and power with this little baby – Magura’s new HC1 radial master cylinder. It uses a forged body and piston plus new seal technology to offer excellent brake feel and power. Available in 12mm, 13mm, and 16mm piston diameters, the HC1 is appropriate for any brake system, and at $289 it’s a relatively affordable upgrade.

4. What is the first tip for maintaining the motorcycle in terms of its tires?

If you want to ensure the high quality of your motorcycle’s performance, make sure that you regularly monitor your bike’s tires. You don’t want to be on that long-awaited Amsterdam holiday, and you’re on your motorcycle, but then out of the blue you realize that your tires are busted. You really can’t have that stress, especially not on your dream vacation. You deserve more and much better than that.

5. What is one good material to use for motor bike cleaning?

The first thing you need to clean your bike is a bucket of soapy water. While some people swear by washing their bikes with plain water, others insist on using specific brands of soap. Whatever your style, use warm water with the mix and fill up a bucket for convenience.

6. What is one accessory that I need to get for my own security?

One thing you need to get is a motorbike alarm and immobilizer. It's always worth paying the extra for a manufacturer-fitted motorcycle alarm, or motorbike alarms fitted by a factory trained technician. The complex electrics on modern bikes can often respond badly to a DIY or poorly fitted bike alarm.